Emeryville Commerce Connection

Welcome to Emeryville Commerce Connection!

where we foster business relationships that support a healthy and vibrant community.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a thriving network where members connect and create a better future for our local community and beyond.

Our Membership

Our membership is comprised of leaders from every sector of our city: local small businesses, civic organizations, NGOs, hospitality, arts, and biotech industries, transit, and more.

Membership in Emeryville Commerce Connection

Membership in Emeryville Commerce Connection is open to everyone and is an honor for all of us. All members must agree to adhere to the ECC Bylaws and Code of Conduct.


Together, we strive to make a positive impact and contribute to the growth, prosperity and health of our community.


Stay tuned for member listing, upcoming events, and ways to get involved!

Purpose of the ECC

The Emeryville Commerce Connection (ECC) is a mutual benefit nonprofit organization, 501(c)(6), incorporated with the purpose of promoting the common economic interests of its members and the commercial enterprises in Emeryville. The ECC will provide networking (Emeryville Connexion) events for the business community, act as an advocacy resource, workforce development and referral network, as well as promote the City of Emeryville and its business community.

We established the ECC to connect the business community by providing networking events and will provide a 24/7 communication platform where members share news, issues – like crime and safety issues and more

ECC’s Vision for Emeryville

⇒A vibrant healthy sustainable business and residential community

⇒An inclusive business community that creates meaningful reasons to do business in Emeryville

⇒A diverse business community with large, medium and small businesses that see the advantages to being here

⇒A dynamic business community that attracts visitors here


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